Double Ended Bamboo Kushi Comb, 5,5 Prong

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This bamboo kushi, or comb, has 5 prongs on the each side. The kushi is 8" (20.3 cm) x 0.75" (1.9 cm). 

About Kushi

These combs, or kushi in Japanese, are used for creating texture and can make patterns of parallel lines when scraped across the surface of a pot. 

Combing may be used to produce a number of effects on greenware, glazed or unglazed products: 

  • On greenware, the marks then filled with slip, which is later revealed as inlay
  • On slip-covered greenware, exposes the contrasting body underneath the slip
  • On freshly glazed bisqued ware, reveals the body or another pigment or slip beneath the coat of glaze
  • Can be used for scoring.

Kushi Pottery Application 

View this post for more close ups of these tools and a few applications.

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