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This bamboo pottery rib, or dango in Japanese, is used to change the shape or smooth the inside or outside of a form, usually while it is being thrown (wheel pots) or formed (coiled pots).

Size: 4.5" x 2.75" , made of real bamboo.

Why use ribs?

Ribs are versatile and are invaluable tools that perform a wide variety of tasks both on the wheel and off the wheel. Ribs can:

  • Aid in forming the basic shape of a pot through pressure on the inner or outer      surface -  during or after throwing.  
  • Create lines, grooves, shoulders or ridges using the angles the rib.
  • Smooth and bind together the separate coils of a coiled pot, and the thrown coiled sections of a two-stage pot.   
  • Support sections of a pot that may collapse during throwing, either through      shortness of clay, thinness of walls, overworking, or from the extreme sharp of the pot while final manipulations are made.
  • Clean the bottom of the pot, using the rib as a substitute for a knife.


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