How to Use Bamboo Yumi Pottery Tools
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The Japanese title of this tool is “Yumi”, in English it's “Bow”. This tool maintains a taut line for cutting edges. It is used to trim off uneven rims on bowls, cups or plates, and to create flat sides on round objects.  Yumi has been used in the East Asia for hundreds of years, and it is still a common pottery tool in Japan now. The most significant advantage of this tool over other cutting tools is that it is easy to control, and it can produce sharp and clean cuts on thick soft clay. 

Although this is a simple tool, there are some tips we recommend using in order to get the best results - read more below.

When using on wheels, try to hold the yumi with both hands as shown below. This gives you maximum control of the yumi on a moving wheel.

 yumi demo     yumi demo     

When cutting small objects, hold the cross bar or hold the thread.

 yumi demo     yumi demo

To create flat side, you can hold the yumi and move downward. Or hold the cross bar and pull upward.

 yumi demo     yumi demo

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